Friday, March 17, 2017

The unholy magic of Black Flag's first full LP, Damaged.

I had a dream last night that a friend came to my place and showed me riffs from this awesome album, so I'd thought I revisit my opinion on this.

So, if you don't know what a black flag is, it is a hardcore punk band that wages a war against every single song writing technique used by mankind. The rhythm is raging and fucked up, the solos are a mess, and if anybody got a hold of these notes while classical music was at its peak and read them, they would have assumed that it was the actual birth of Satan. It's fucking awesome. 

While some riffs sound like ear torture, they hide a deeper meaning, a guilty pleasure, the feeling you get when you finally take a shit after holding it for five hours. And if you think that that's bad comparison, go listen to it. What you'll hear is a devirginized Marry taking it up the ass. 

This album surprises with it's dynamic style, with a band exploring such off-the-radar approaches, you'd expect it would be power chords up your crack, a vocalist alternating between orgasms and self mutilation, a (bassist), and a drummer hitting the cymbals harder during the chorus, but no, it goes above and beyond. It touches a wide emotional spectrum, this album isn't the same song with different chords. I mean, on a piece of paper it's just frustrated punk songs, a degraded version of whoever the fuck, but these songs stand out a lot. It is just proof of the artistic vision that is Black Flag.

It also doesn't give it that stupid mediocre thrash metal thing where it loses its energy about halfway through because the guitarist is on too much speed to realize that an hour long album doesn't need 9 songs with a galloping rhythm. You'll feel the energy every second. If you go by the book and listen to acclaimed, or recommended albums, whatever, you'll find this typical, but the more you hear, you'll know that this is an anomaly.

That's my two cents on this album, fuck Pink Floyd retards who insult it for it's "depth", fuck butthurt critics who insult the melodies and fuck whoever denies the force of this unforgiving masterpiece.

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