Friday, March 17, 2017

The existence of pop music and the buttpain it causes in the online underground communities.

No matter what retarded arguments you try to use that music has been good and now it isn't, they won't be valid and you will just reveal exactly what kind of a half-literate moron you really are.

Arguing about the 80's is just a waste, just turn on VH1 when they have an 80's compilation and you'll see. Same goes for the whole 20th century, you are just proving your inability to explore new music in a period where it's being pumped up the internet's ass 24/7,

Classical music goes a bit deeper, because we know it was very popular, considering how good it has sustained itself over time, but saying that "people listened good music then and they don't now" is countered by the fact that anybody who had no power in that period was considered "a dickless halfwit", and his opinion mattered as much as the artwork of the "special class", and whoever exclaimed his thoughts and didn't try to fit in by listening to what everybody else in his social class was labeled as an "earless waste of good semen". It didn't work that way, you are only seeing history in the way "the winners", in our case middle to higher class critics, decided to write it.

Now, pop quiz, hotshot, you are talking with your friends about mouth breather shit and memes, and Slayer starts blasting, what do you do? You go on with the conversation? Well, you'd really love to, but you can't, because of the music's attention grabbing nature. Same goes with classical, you are driving exhausted from your dead-end job, and Mozart starts going at it. You are sweaty, you are sleepy, you are a mess, are you really in the mood for fucking emotions at that period of time?

Pop music needs to exist. It is the sound of tolerance and mutual understanding. We want forgettable noises to bang in our sub-consciousness while we are going about our business. And why is it such a loss, that you are listening to disposable garbage? It won't matter. People will still remember Coroner. Their underground status is just evidence of musical exploration, they are not understood without time patience and getting into their essence.

Whenever you think about how shit pop music is, just remember that there are house remixes of Bach pieces, bands playing power chords and trying to resurrect the Reich, the Halo, Halo, Ich Bin Alex song in the German learning textbook for sixth grade, and Megadeth's Cryptic Writing album except for Trust and She-Wolf. Pop's purpose is mediocrity and background.

And a big shout-out to the retards posting Wiggle-wiggle saying how it defined our generation, you are far beyond saving, I feel sorry for your father.

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