Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Proving that Pink Floyd has no depth, Part Three: The Dark Side of the Moon

You got me this time. There is nothing wrong with this album. Not sarcastic or joking, it is a legitimately good piece of rock music? Do you know why is that?

-Because it contains the least amount of crappy David Gilmor solos. 

No other reason. It still can't match any other rock classic, but that is not that important, I can actually listen to this one. It didn't bring anything new to rock music, but it isn't downright horrible over-the-top mediocre bullshit like their other "masterpieces".

The lyrics, as always, are shitty, the worst are "Money", "Breathe" and "Eclipse", which are basically generic uninspired young adult poetry about their respective subjects. If you are shallow it might make you feel heuristic reading them, have fun and fuck you.

Believe it or not, there is a goddamn exception. "Eclipse". The only lyrically non-ephemeral piece is finally, a breakthrough from boring workplace chatter, it talks about something about being crazy or whatever, but reading through it is great fun. The ending is frivolous, but at least it isn't like The Wall.

Forgetting about this album is also, very easy, thank fuck. It doesn't infuriate because of some classless pseudo-intellectual element, and it doesn't make your head hurt with 25 of the same solos. I really appreciate this, I can say it is at least, on the same level as Imagine Dragons. 

I have to compare these bands more, now that I think of it. Both have enough rock elements to make them rock, and both lack the character, only breaking through on very rare occasions, and what remains is just the image of a person, in the shower, pissing towards the ceiling and hitting his mouth, achieving nothing.

To finish off what will probably be a 3-part series, since I can't be assed enough to check out "Animals", I have to say. You know, the band that wrote "Have a cigar", the one that doesn't sell out and just wants to be understood by teenagers? They keep removing their shit from the internet. Pink Floyd has a collective net-worth of over $5.000.000 however, YouTube and losing some twenty thousand dollars is a painful hit to their rocker life-style of buying houses and doing boring old-people shit.

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