Friday, June 2, 2017

The ways and means of the two-party system as seen in America.

Most of the people that would read this would find nothing new in the text, they know what it will be all about in the title, just expressed differently. However, we are still living in a society of drooling morons who is willing to be slandered and is unable to see through the ulterior motives. In my opinion, this is because flocking is a natural human survival instinct, and seeing through what a "sheep" would do is much harder than a piece of paper. The case, here, however, is more severe. It is not a matter of just being a sheep or not, sometimes it is just a matter of being unable.
Here, you will find, what the methods are of the two-party system in America, and how the two parties are actually just best friends, regardless of what you see in the election statistics and outside.

Method 1: Making the individual oblivious to a third option.
I know that I sound like a broken record, but this is performed in a way that many people fail to see through. The main tactic here is the question "What if the other wins, what then?" This mollifies the initial, true instinct of rejecting both options and in this confused state of mind, you make a mistake and go out to vote and, even support the motherfuckers. X is worse than Y, in reality, however, doesn't work because of the fact that the main tool for a politician to success is the people, not himself. They aren't shit without you, don't wear the wrath of the second candidate's ignorance. The individualists always prosper, don't flock!

Method 2: Pushing a negative policy in the agenda among the ones that are supposed to be "good".
This is so classic, yet we want to be ignorant to this politician ingenuity. It doesn't matter what campaign you supported, with little, almost invisible letters, in the agenda, you will find evil. You decide to let it slip because you feel that you'll let a greater evil otherwise. Don't!

Method 3: Forcing you to feel that you need to stand behind your decision.
The politician is a fox. If you are a fucking retarded 250kg pig, you won't catch him and he'll steal your dinner. You are not obligated to stand behind what you said about a politician. You are fighting against a mind with no principle or ethics, if you chose to vote or said something, reevaluate the situation. Don't be stubborn!

So, that is all I feel like saying, I have more thoughts, but fuck it, if the first paragraph was not enough, nothing will be. To wrap everything up, all I will add is two things: Twelve angry men and look for initiative in different places.

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