Monday, April 24, 2017

What tolerance is, and why it's a bad thing

The first definition of tolerance you get when you use google

Today, being tolerant, is a characteristic that is looked up upon. The absolute low point of humanity. Fuck. Just look at the definition. The first problem is, that being tolerant is being treated as a characteristic. Firstly, being "tolerant" is not something I have to be, because it's not a characteristic, but a decision I have to make based on your opinion or behavior.

However, politicians imply that tolerance is a necessity in a society, and that it is a fundamental value. Refer back to the dictionary example. it says "the tolerance of corruption". Being tolerant doesn't just mean being a liberal and having nothing against gays and black people. Being tolerant, means, that, if a faggot sticks it up your ass while you are sitting in your home and watching TV, you decide to tolerate his behavior, and pretend to enjoy the experience.

Tolerance, in a society, as a whole, means accepting every value. Think, just please do, for a moment, is this possible? Do you think that a society like that can persist. No, because, the word you are looking for, is acceptance.

Acceptance is much different from tolerance, because, if I am accepting something, as a value, or someone as a member of a society, I have considered their opinions, their ways of life, and their direct effect on me, to be good. Maybe, I have considered them as negative, but I decided to tolerate them. This doesn't bring me an obligation to tolerate everything else. This is a logical path to making a decision for one society, deciding something because we are being tolerant leads to an undeveloped miserable shithole, eventually it leads to having no money for food, and eventually to the death of a society.

What you are looking for, is a highly tolerant society. This may be a radical view, but, it may have valid arguments. Now, I am not well versed into shitty liberal ideas to know better, but I am going to explain, how a highly tolerant person, can't persist in a society.

A highly tolerant person, in every society, and in this one, is called a wimp. This is a person who is okay with every decision, unable to stand up for themselves. Tolerance is something you use, while making decisions, in order to avoid arguments or rarely, improve your further position.

The highest form of tolerance is tolerating something because of good will, karma, morality, whatever. This has its limits. You don't tolerate someone pointing a gun at your head, do you? Setting this boundaries very high, going as far as tolerating someone that is an expense to the government, meaning, your tax money is no different. To create and to be, a man first must persist, to persist, he must act. Not acting is called tolerance. Being highly tolerant is therefor, absurd in the concept of existence.

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