Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The "Rust in Peace" Conspiracy, Part I - Theories about the cover

First of all, I am not a conspiracy lunatic tinfoil faggot, so what you are about to read here is just for fun and most probably not true.

Anyway, if you like metal, you probably have heard of Megadeth, and their album "Rust in Peace". It is regarded as a masterpiece by some people, labeled as mediocre and boring by many, or as a stinking dogshit by others. However, it is mainly considered a masterpiece and the only ones that talk shit about it are gate-keeping borderline retarded hipsters who only listen to music if its "kvlt" enough for their hipster taste.

These people are a whole other episode, and this album is my favorite out of at least 300 other metal albums that I have heard. I think that many came close, but just barely couldn't reach the peak of music that was this masterpiece. And I have a theory, that the band knew exactly how important their music is, and as a celebration, decided to include implicit claims about their work in the cover art of the album, as well as the lyrics.

First of all, I want you to think of a couple of things:

Number I - Dave Mustaine's image. I don't care what you think about him as a guitarist, songwriter or a person, only about his image. Think of his negative reputation. Almost everybody that insults Megadeth won't miss the chance to call him arrogant, cocky or an asshole. Whether this is true or not, is not important, we are digesting a conspiracy, so I'll assume that he is at least a little bit cocky.

Number II - The interviews about the album. Despite being considered a mystery in its greatness, every member of the band replied with nothing but a generic response to the question asked about their album.

This is an important first piece of the puzzle, because, my first theory is that the members agreed to never mention their personal opinion and what really went into making this album that you can't discover yourself by research online or in real life. You can figure out the gear, the notes, but you can't really reverse engineer and figure out each members' thoughts and real inspirations that they put into making this album.

Now, let's take a look at the cover. Could it be, that the cover artist, Ed Repka, was involved as well.
Rust in peace cover art

Nothing too impressive, classic heavy metal, flashy logo, undead skeletons with mysterious objects, politicians, military hanger, right? Wrong! Incorrect.

The first obvious symbolism is the green crystal. We don't know what it is. But, the way that it is presented to us, we must assume that it's something of great value. This crystal symbolizes the album itself, it is an accomplishment of mankind itself. 

Next, Vic Rattlehead, the Megadeth mascot, an undead skeleton, wearing a syut. First, the outfit. The reason he wears these clothes is because these clothes are reserved for a special occasion, they are also identical to the politicians' clothes. This means great power and decisions on a global scale.

The second fact, that this is not a person, but rather a dead person. For a creature like this to exist, it must have been a human first, then it must have died, then it must have been reincarnated. The metaphor here is that even after the artists are dead, the album will not lose any of its value. Their deeds will forever remain. 

The third point, his eyes. Vic doesn't have eyes, which is logical, no skeletons do. But his eyes, they are covered with glasses. And they are not glasses, as much as they are seals, they seal his eyes. This represents that, even if the name Megadeth is forgotten, even if we all die without having heard this album, this album will still shine in glory. The lives of everybody involved in making it are not as important as the result itself.

The alien is there to symbolize giving life to something new, something that simple humans cannot comprehend. That's why he is lying in his capsule, observing, not really sleeping, but not awake. It might symbolize alien interaction which was involved in making of this album, but it would be too much. It might also mean a celebration of the time at which this album was made, the rise of conspiracy theories and UFOs into mainstream culture. This is the hardest one to guess, in my opinion.

The politicians are simple. They are powerful. They have nuclear weapons. They can destroy mankind in any second. They control what you eat every single day. But they are so numb and insignificant compared to what this album is. They all look at Vic with great confusion, they don't know what to do. They are baffled. They are here only to be mocked by the band for their ignorance and short durability.

The hangar might be the studio, indicating that to the band, this studio is much more, it is a place where scientific experiments are observed, and based on that, the future of mankind is decided. This would mean that the boxes are the amplifiers, but this is also a very loose theory.

So, that's it for the cover, if you have something to add, message me, I will quote you, or write about it somewhere, I will include it if I consider it interesting. Keep in mind, this is just for fun. Don't get and call me an entry-level idiot or tinfoil retard just because I like this album and talk about it like this, it is satirical and for fun. Other insults will work better for your purpose, anyway.

Join me next time, whenever that is, we will try to analyse some of the lyrics, which are giving away more than the cover.

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