Monday, April 24, 2017

Proving that Pink Floyd has no depth, Part Two: The Wall

There is no better way to trigger hipsters than to not accept Pink Floyd as the greatest rock act, ever. But, it's really hard to argue with them, take into consideration that their knowledge of literature is based on Paulo Coelho, or some other retard, the kind that uses sentences like "She saw him in the club, for the first time ever. He was wearing his Armani shirt...". Arguing that the lyrics suck is obviously a waste.

But, out of the four endurance rounds, commonly known as, the best 4 Pink Floyd albums, this is by far the easiest to shit on. Why? Because Quadrophenia. Please, if you are going to tell me to go lay in front of a train, please, at least take a listen to Quadrophenia. Remember, 1979 - 1973 = 6. This is an album that came 6 years before this pile of shit. You probably don't know what The Who is, and you probably never will, because, you have already fucked off from here, because you still think Pink Floyd is the greatest rock band.

What The Who did with Quadrophenia, Pink Floyd did worse. This includes:
  - Lyrics about social exclusion;
  - Repeating words, or parts of the song, to imitate the feeling of nostalgia;
  - A concept album, which tells a story (To Pink Floyd fans, The Wall is the first concept album ever);
  - Music.

But you know what? Whether Pink Floyd knew about this album, or whether they took influence from it, is completely irrelevant. Because this album is simply a pile of shit. It would have been a pile of shit if it was released in the 9th century, when by music, people meant non-coherent priest chanting. This is a deviation, from the standard bullshit that is Pink Floyd, which is just mediocre.

The album tells a story of a kid whose father dies in the war, this leads him to a life of not having a male role-model, which ultimately leads to him not being socialized and blowing his brains off. And I have to bring this up again, because it really pisses me off, but, The Who talked about the exact same thing, including more. Eventually, I am going to write an article about why Quadrophenia is great, so I don't have to bring this up 10 times.

The most popular song here, is unsurprisingly, Another Brick in The Wall. This song is deep because Pink Floyd hired children to sing and it has a music video against education. This comes as no surprise, as anybody who has educated himself, would be able to write better lyrics.

The best song on the album is Goodbye Blue Sky, which is ruined by the "ooh babe, babe" part, but at least it doesn't go below the usual Pink Floyd standard of mediocrity.

To end, I'd just like to mention that this album cover is the most distasteful, irritating pile of shit that came out of album covers. This is to make you think it's deep, because the important part, is really the music. However, because a Pink Floyd fan is braindead, it hasn't occurred to him, not even once, that he might be buying an album for the music.

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